Rochester, New York: Gene Mason—the oldest of six brothers—starts Mason’s Lawn Service to earn money for college.

Younger brothers, Thomas and David Mason, take the reins of the business when Gene enrolls at St. John’s University.

David, Gregg, John, and Brian Mason run the business in succession as older brothers go away to college.

Gregg and John formally incorporate as Masons’ Landscape Contractors, Incorporated.

Gregg Mason expands the flourishing business to Raleigh, North Carolina and establishes Masons’ Landscape, Incorporated.

More than thirty years after the Mason boys mowed their first lawn, Masons’ Landscape, Incorporated is still driven by the same core values: hard work, terrific service, and a single-minded desire to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Gregg Mason, age 11, with his brothers.


“At Masons' Landscape, Incorporated, quality and service are more than just words—they are the driving force behind everything we do. That’s just the right way to do business and you won’t get anything less.”
Gregg Mason, President





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